pld-tot_vers_24-09-2012_02Early project termination

Unfortunately we have to announce the early termination of our LIFE project. After a couple of months of pro-active promotion by meeting potential partners and suppliers of oily mill sludge and scales, we never succeed to secure enough raw materials to ensure a reliable operation of our pilot plant and then fulfil our objectives of our LIFE project.

Actual difficult economic period has led to drastic reduction of new investments, especially on new technologies, and decrease of production led consequently to reduction of by-products amount. In this difficult context during the first phase of our project, we did not convince any steelmaker to jump into our project as partner. Then we got the opportunity to integrate Carsid (CS) as new partner in this project. CS got the possibility to re-use existing facilities in their old production site at Charleroi that brings to the project a lot of advantages such as centralized location in the area of many iron and steelmakers, easy access to the pilot plant for trucks, trains and boats. Our common intention was to create a centralized recycling pilot plant in order to be able to collect residues from German, French, Belgian and Dutch plants. Then we started again to update our market analysis and took new contacts with producers. Nevertheless, due to low by-products quantities available in the market, high transportation costs and lack of supply guarantees from producers make the project unrealisable. Consequently, we took the decision not to move forward in the erection of the pilot plant which led to the early termination of our promising LIFE project.

Nevertheless, during the market analysis and worldwide promotion of our technology, we performed a lot of de-oiling and agglomeration tests with PLD product which clearly proved the efficiency of our process. Besides, engineering works were initiated and worldwide promotion indicated that PLD process may have some opportunities in developing countries where environmental and local market conditions are different from European ones. Improvement of environmental conditions becomes a real necessity and becomes a priority for authorities. That’s why we will keep promoting our technology over the world and try to realize our first pilot plant of our promising “zero-waste and environmental friendly” process!!!